Our Pre-school Curriculum Goals have been designed to reflect the needs of our children at our Pre-school. We have used our knowledge and understanding of the children’s backgrounds and experiences to develop goals that will ensure the children at Kymbrook Preschool leave with the skills they need to become confident, resilient, and ambitious learners.

Our goals have been developed using ‘Development Matters’ and ‘Birth to Five’ guidance documents. Each goal has been constructed to enable children to develop and thrive within the Prime and Specific Areas of the EYFS.

We have based our goals on our children’s needs and what they need to be ready for their next step in education.

Our Preschool Curriculum Goals

Our Intent is for children to leave our setting, confident in:

  • Knowing about themselves and others, and how to keep safe
  • Having the social skills and confidence to play alongside others
  • Be able to makes choices
  • Have a go and keep trying
  • Listening and taking turns
  • Follow simple instructions
  • Know a number of songs and rhymes, and join in with singing
  • Sit at tables for snacks and meal times
  • Talk to an adult
  • Use gross and fine motor skills to do things independently
  • Using mathematical concepts and language in play and everyday experiences

We support our children through (Implement):

  • Observing them through play
  • Planning activities that follow their interests and introduce new ideas and concepts
  • Work with parents through regular communication
  • Share and discuss experiences
  • Role model positive language and positive behaviour using our preschool rules
  • Support turn taking
  • Offer real-life experiences
  • Know and understand the different areas of learning and development
  • Build good relationships with all children and their families
  • Know how each child plays and learns

What we want our children to achieve during their time with us

To become a Confident Communicator who can listen carefully in different situations, speak with friends and adults, ask questions, ask for help and use new vocabulary to explain ideas and feelings.  To become an Independent Individual who can follow the Preschool rules, have simple goals and persevere to achieve them and select resources. Manage their own personal needs and manage dressing, undressing and shoes. Start to notice keeping fit and healthy and enjoying different foods.  To become a Fantastic Friend who can be kind, caring and helpful, show empathy and respect to others, play co-operatively, share and negotiate whilst considering others’ ideas and feelings To become an Marvellous mover who can show strength, balance and co-ordination when playing, move confidently and safely in a variety of different ways, use a range of equipment and managing risks.
To become a Talented Tool User who enjoys mark making and start to hold a pencil effectively, use a range of tools (for example scissors, cutlery, paintbrushes, tweezers, hammers) safely and with confidence  To become a Brilliant Bookworm who can show a love for stories, illustrations, and books, use new vocabulary to talk about what has been read to them. Look after and handle books with care. Begin to notice text in the environment. Begin to hear and enjoy letter sounds.To become a Wow Writer who enjoys making marks with a range of media in fun ways.   Make marks for a reason like, ticking off a shopping list, marking children on a register. Wanting and enjoying forming letters of their own name.  To become a Master of Maths who can notice and then recognise numbers in the environment and enjoys using numbers in play.   Begin to compare quantities, notice simple patterns, count to and objects to10. Notice and recognise simple shapes in play and in the environment.
To become an Exceptional Explorer who can show curiosity about the world around them such as growing, life cycles and community and talk about what they see, using a wide vocabulary. Begin to notice different occupations. Explore how things work, have a ‘I wonder….’ thinking.To become a Compassionate Citizen who can help to look after their community and care for the environment, know about their local community like the Church and school. Enjoy talking about their own family and have an awareness of other people’s cultures and beliefs and enjoy celebrating different festivals.  To become a Proud Performer who can enjoy singing song, nursery rhymes and dance to music. Enjoy retelling stories and acting out stories heard. Enjoy exploring a range of musical instruments and begin to notice and make simple rhythms.To become a Dynamic Designer who can choose and safely use the resources they need to make their creations. Enjoys and confidently talks about what they have made and how they have made it. Be very proud and welcome praise for their achievement.

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