Health and Wellbeing (COVID-19)

We would like to reassure our current and prospective families that we have an in-depth Risk Assessment that has been designed to keep our children, our families, and our staff safe. Our Risk Assessment is reviewed daily to ensure we have the most up to date guidance(s) and the practice to reflect them.

Supporting children’s wellbeing has always been at the top of our priorities here at Kymbrook Pre-School. However, with the current circumstances and changes around the world, supporting children’s wellbeing is even more important than ever. Therefore, we are emphasising and increasing the amount of outside play we offer to our children as we recognise the importance of being active has on children’s wellbeing.

We also encourage children to be creative and play as this too supports children’s wellbeing. Children are naturally imaginative and creative. We encourage and support this natural development by providing children with resources and activities to not only enhance their creativity and play but to also learn while they are doing so. We recognise that children learn through play, therefore, we observe and learn children’s individual interests which we then use to our full advantage to support children’s next steps in their development, and to support their play and creative opportunities at Pre-School.

Our Risk Assessment can be found here:

CoronaVirus information for parents/carers (September 2020) issued by Bedford Borough Council:

Guidance for Management of Covid-19 in Early Years, Schools and Colleges (Sept 2020) issued by Bedford Borough Council:

Resources to support children’s understanding around Covid-19:

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