Kymbrook Pre School is a lovely setting, the staff are always coming up with new ideas for engaging activities and incorporate learning around milestones & festivals such as Chinese New Year, World Book Day, Easter, Bonfire night etc etc.
Recently the children were learning about the emergency services and had visits from police, firefighters & ambulance crew!

I always find the main room to be very clean and well organised with lots of toys, books and craft supplies available.
The outdoor space is fun with a mud kitchen and lots of ride on toys & climbing equipment.
They also utilise the main school playground when the ‘big kids’ are in class, so plenty of space and different areas to explore.

The staff are lovely, very friendly, chatty and happy to provide a well rounded support system.
During lockdown the staff have sent over videos via the ‘Tapestry’ app that the pre school usually use to send progress updates, they’ve made videos of themselves reading stories, showing us their gardens, taking us on their walks with them as well as providing us with lots of worksheets and activities to keep the children occupied. The children have even had a zoom meeting with each other!

My children used to attend a larger (v. expensive!) nursery school and this small village pre school knocks spots off it!
The community environment encourages learning, development and happy children.

Highly recommend! 5 star.

Written on the 28th of May 2020.

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