We recognise parents are children’s first educators therefore, we value and promote parent/carer partnership. By doing so we welcome parents/carers to be part of their child/ren learning journal, this is done using Tapestry. Tapestry is an ”innovative, interactive online learning journal” which enables parents/carers to be actively involved within their child’s learning journey, while also tracking and celebrating children’s achievements and developmental mile stones.

We recognise that every child is unique, therefore every child has their own learning journal that is individualised and added to as they develop, learn and achieve. This helps us and parents/carers to support children to their next level of development and also highlight any areas of need to ensure early intervention can be secured.

This is an example of how your child’s learning journal may look:

There may be pictures of your child’s achievements accompanied by a short ‘Note’ about the observation.

From this we then link the observation to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum areas of development and link to the specific characteristics of effective learning achieved which correlates to the observation recorded.

As a setting we record children’s Well-being and Involvement, again this is done using Tapestry and added to the end of the observation.

This is then accessible for parents/carer to view and the option to ‘like’ and/or comment is available.

Parent(s)/Carer(s) are also able to upload their own observations to share with setting, which we welcome and appreciate. Here is an example of a child’s home observation uploaded to Tapestry:

We value parent(s)/carer(s) contributions to their child’s learning journal.


Tapestry is an App that is downloadable to your phone and/or tablet which can be downloaded here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fsf.tapestryandroid&hl=en_GB
For further information regarding Tapestry, please take a look at their website: https://www.tapestry.info/

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