March 2023


After School Club and Breakfast Club at Kymbrook

Kymbrook Pre-school is an Ofsted-registered setting based on the site of the Primary School. We are an independently run, self-financing charity that provides a Pre-school facility for children aged 2 – 5.  Alongside this, we offer a Breakfast Club and After-School Club. This can be accessed by children who attend Kymbrook Primary School as well as children who are registered with Pre School, who may also attend both of these clubs.

Breakfast and After-School Club is about having fun with friends, making new friends and joining in activities in a safe and happy environment, supervised by professional and experienced staff.  Children enjoy playing games using the equipment inside and out, including using the swimming pool, school playing field, computers, scooters, going to local amenities and many other things.

Registration/Attendance – To attend, children need to be registered with us.  Parents/carers are then asked to book their sessions for each of the clubs. Booked sessions are charged for regardless of whether or not you use them. Fees are payable monthly in advance and payment must be made within 15 days of receipt of an invoice. Fees are charged for the full month even if sessions are not attended due to minor illness, family holidays, etc.
We ask for a 4-week notice to stop or change sessions.

Ad-Hoc Basis
You can use us on an ad-hoc basis if your child is registered with us and book additional spaces if we have availability.

Parents/carers must notify the club of any medical, dietary or special educational needs that a child has at the time of registration. Please remember to update any contact numbers especially when you change your mobile. Any changes to information or bookings must be made in writing. Ad-Hoc sessions will be invoiced where possible, to the current month’s invoice.

Please note that ad-hoc sessions are charged regardless of whether or not you use them.

If a telephone or email booking is made, that place is immediately chargeable even if cancelled on the same day.

Payment of fees

Fees are reviewed annually by the Pre-School’s Treasurer and Manager.

Invoices are sent out electronically to the email address that has been provided to us. These invoices are to be paid monthly in advance by the 15th of each month. If payments have not been made by the 13th of each month reminders will be sent out again. If parents and carers are having difficulty making their payments by the 15th of each month we require to be informed and a payment plan may be discussed depending on the person’s circumstances, this arrangement must take place with the Manager and be agreed.

Where there is no explanation or repeated late payments, a late fee charge of £25 will be added to the invoice. The Manager will have the right to issue a final warning to parents or carers that can result in a child’s place at either clubs being withdrawn. If the invoice is still outstanding after the above options have been explored we will have to cancel the child’s place and seek legal advice to recover the outstanding fee amount.

We accept bank transfer, child care vouchers and there is also the option to make online payments from the invoice directly. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept cash or cheque payments anymore.

Staff – The Pre-School manager will manage both the Breakfast and After-School club along with additional Pre-School staff. Our staff are fully trained to a Level 3 or above, holding all relevant qualifications including first aid and have been DBS checked.

Sickness/accident and first aid emergencies – If a child becomes ill during a club session every attempt will be made to contact the people listed on the registration form to arrange collection of the sick child.  The child will be cared for until collected. In the case of a minor accident, basic first aid will be administered. In the case of an accident requiring more than basic first aid, every attempt will be made to contact the parent/carer to advise and discuss the course of action to be taken. All accidents and emergencies requiring treatment will be entered into the accident book. (Please note that the registration form contains an authorisation giving the pre-school manager and staff permission to act in loco parentis if a parent carer cannot be contacted in time. The Pre-School Manager will then invoke the authority to take action to gain appropriate medical treatment for the child.)

Force Majeure – The Pre-School reserves the right to suspend or terminate the operation of any of the facilities in the event of incapacity of the staff or any health and safety risks or out of any matter affecting premises used.

Data protection – We will take appropriate security measures against unauthorised access to any information disclosure or access to personal data which is held on a computer or paper-based, conforming to GDPR.

All correspondence should be sent directly to Kymbrook Pre School.


Session Times/Costs as from April 2023

8.00-9.00am (Breakfast included) 3.00-4.30pm

Snack Included







Late Collection

(By Special Arrangement)

£4.83 (2 yrs= £5.93) £5.51 (2 yrs = £8.72) £4.20 (2 yrs = £5.83) £3:50

We collect the children from the school at 3.20 then parents collect before or at allotted times thereafter. Parents will be required to sign there children out of the setting, to ensure safety for the children.

Please note, there is a charge of £20 for collections after allotted times and a further £20 is payable for every 15 minutes thereafter.

Please call us on Tel: 01234 376100 for further information/bookings or to arrange a visit.

Nina McNally- Manager

Bookings are being taken now for all the sessions provided by the setting subject to availability.

Registration form can be downloaded from here: New Starter registration form 

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